Black hat SEO technique refers to the practice of a wrong way of keywords ranking in search engines by using aggressive SEO strategies or using unethical SEO, and usually does not obey search engines guidelines. If search engine bot or spider  find a website which are using such technique than these websites can be penalized or de-index from the search engine. So always avoid such type of black hat SEO technique below you can find top 10 black hat seo technique with short description.

1.Keywords Stuffing : This problem is occurring when someone does over optimization of keywords. By repetition of same keywords in page title, meta description, meta keywords, image alt tag, image title and also in web page content.

2.Hidden Text and Link : This problem is occurring when someone hide text and link like put illegible text at the bottom of the page, make the text the same color as the background, or format text or images that are visually undetectable as links.

3.Clocking : This problem is occurring when someone shows two types of content one for user & other one is for search engines. Better Understand with example, if user search for best hotel in Delhi clicks on a search result that appears to be about baby toys showrooms and selling product for babies.

4.Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages : In simple way when a user visit a page that automatically redirect to some other pages such type of page are Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages. In other word random stuff pages with keyword phrases with the primary goal of achieving a high ranking and then automatically redirect visitors to a separate page.

5.Link Farms : In order to build a large backlink portfolio very quickly this tactic is used in black hat seo. Simply you understand that link farm is a group of websites that all hyperlink to every other site in the group. I also read this for link farms seek links from or link to sites with unrelated or low quality content in an attempt to improve visibility in the SERPs.

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6.Page Swapping : When page indexed and ranked for a keyword, and then change the page entirely such type of process is page swapping. Clicking on a result, in the SERP takes the user to a page that is completely different from the keywords used for searching and the description provided in the SERP.

7.Spam Comments : It is currently one of the most popular black hat seo techniques. Spam comments are intended to create free backlink. Links gained in this way are 100% ‘nofollow’ and transfer no SEO juice, which makes this technique a real waste of time.

8.Paid Links : Buying links for SEO has some undeniable advantages for the buyer. First of all, it is easy. Once a transaction is done, there is no need to bother with the quality of the content. Secondly, the anchor text, a strong Google ranking factor, is also chosen according to customer’s preferences. These two reasons are enough to effectively manipulate search engine rankings which is why this SEO technique is classified as a serious black hat.

9.Duplicate Content : As the name suggests, duplicate content refers to the well-known “copy and paste” content creation practice across domains and means that blocks of copied content from different sources exactly match each other or look very much alike. When the same results are found in the Google listing, it is a clear sign of manipulation of search engine rankings and it usually results in poor user experience.

10. Article Spinning: Article spinning is a technique similar to the duplicate content issue and is continually getting more popular. This is next level plagiarism and it involves using special software which takes the copied source and rephrases it for later use as a “new”, “unique” post. Modification efficiently cuts down the risk of being detected by any plagiarism tool.

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